Without a Shout – William Wareham

"Without a Shout" by William Wareham is on permanent load to the City of Cloverdale from the artist, and was Best of Show in the 2005 Annual Sculpture Exhibit.

In his artist statement William defines his piece as “Organized chaos or disorganized order? I am trying to find that balance where these two actions (order and chaos) find a brief harmony of diffused energy in collaboration. This is an abstract formalist sculpture that in a metaphorical way relates to our daily lives. From the order we shape our lives inside to the unknown, and perhaps disorder we will encounter around the corner. As we try to find equilibrium and balance in our lives, sometimes we are more successful than others.” The sculpture is 144″ high x72″ wide x 36″ deep and is located in Citrus Fair Drive and east of Cloverdale Blvd.

Photo by Tedd Peterson