Exsucitare Triectus (ET) – Orion Fredricks

Bay Area artist, Orion Frederick, approaches sculpture as a form of language, manifesting his communication with materials such as wood, ceramics, metal, glass, fiber, plastics, recycled materials, paper, pigments, water, sound, fire and light. With this language, the observer is provided with new tools of sensory awareness.

In the Geyserville portion of the Sculpture Trail, Orin has a 33 ft. stainless steel sculpture "Exsucitare Triectus" (Passage of Awakening). This sculpture consists of a long elevated bridge with a kinetic portal along its length. The portal consists of two ring vessels that rotate around the bridge. Holding these ring vessels is a structural arch that supports a crown for cosmic tuning and lunar alignment.These ring vessels have an enormous range of content, from intelligent lights, steam, fire, and fog. When fog or other vapors are released into the ring vessels they create a tangible wormhole effect that one may, or may not choose to pass through. All of your senses will have acknowledged transformation of passage.

"Exsucitare Triectus" is located on Geyserville Avenue in the field south of Geyserville at the entrance to Highway 101.