Sculpture from Geyserville to Cloverdale

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m.c. Carolyn, the sculptor who created “The Big Red Candy Apple”, has donated this sculpture to the City of Cloverdale.  It is currently being refurbished, and will soon be placed in its permanent home in front of the Cloverdale Library at 401 N. Cloverdale Blvd.

3,000 American adults over the age of 18 in December, 2016 participated in an Americans for Arts’ Public Opinion Poll. 63 percent of the people polled believe the arts “lift me up beyond everyday experiences,” 64 percent feel the arts give them “pure pleasure to experience and participate in,” and 73 percent say the arts are a “positive experience in a troubled world.” We are fortunate to the Sculpture Trail in our communities.

Artist Highlights

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Sculptor Hector M. Ortega of Phoenix, AZ is an Arizona native. Hector draws his inspiration from the Southwest, which surrounds him with an oasis of visual stimulation that ranges from modern architecture, art and Phoenix’s natural habitat….

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The Geyserville Community Foundation, with support from Geyserville Chamber, and the Cloverdale Historical Society produce the Sculpture Trail. The Trail is an outdoor art exhibit of sculptures in the Northern Sonoma County communities of Geyserville and Cloverdale in the Sonoma County Wine Country. The Sculpture Trail is a year-round exhibit with sculptures changing every 12 months.

The high quality of sculptures displayed in both communities are being enjoyed and experienced by residents and tourists. The beauty of art is that if a hundred people all see the same artwork, there could be a hundred different ideas and interpretations of the same work. And, what better way to enjoy, embrace and interpret sculptures in our daily lives than in public-accessable places, the streets of Geyserville and Cloverdale.

The Sculpture Trail


and the winners are…

Constrained Geometries #2

Constrained Geometries #2                             By Hector Ortega


Best of Show:
“Constrained Geometries #2” by Hector Ortega
Honorable Mention:
“Chief Steel Feather” by Pierre Riche
Judges’ Merit Award:
“Meet You on the Corner” by Carlos Zamora
Judges’ Merit Award:
“Acrobat” by Bryan Tedrick
Judges’ Merit Award:
“Oculus” by Peter Crompton

The Sculptures are Here

The new sculptures for the 2017-2018 Sculpture Trail are varied, from fanciful to statuesque with some defined by the material used.

The following sculptors are exhibiting in Cloverdale:

  • Joe Bologna
  • M.C. Carolyn
  • Joseph Castle
  • Peter Crompton
  • Peter and Robyn Crompton
  • Boback Emad
  • Beth Hartmann and Allegra Burke
  • Stan Huncilman
  • Adrian Litman
  • David Mudgett
  • Hector Ortega
  • Pierre Riche
  • Sculpture-Jam
  • Bryan Tedrick
  • William Wareham
  • Carlos Zamora

The following sculptors are exhibiting in Geyserville:

  • Tyson Barbera
  • Peter Crompton
  • Eileen Fitz-Faulkner
  • Orion Fredericks
  • Diego Harris
  • Virginia Harrison
  • Victoria Heiges
  • Max Heiges
  • Douglas Heine
  • Stan Huncilman
  • Flavia Krasilchik
  • Adrian Litman
  • Phillip Lynch
  • David Mudgett
  • Hector Ortega
  • Ernest & Lois Rich
  • Michael Seymour
  • Susan Leibovitz Steinman
  • Victor Trentadue
  • 3-D Edddy

Bryan Tedrick Installation

Acrobat Installation

Carlos Zamora Installation

Meet you at the corner

The Experience